Summer darts starting first week in June!  See the standings and player rankings below soon.  Come out on Wednesdays at 6 to cheer them on.


Winter Darts (October-March)

Play darts Sundays or Wednesday nights at taverns in the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin area, including Falls Bowl!

4 person teams - various divisions - play 13 or 17 games depending on division - 2 players play at a time except for the last game - play at Falls Bowl and travel to other Chippewa Falls bars to represent Falls Bowl - Sunday is a handicap league for all skill levels

Each week receive 1 free drink for each player & 1 free pizza for your team! Whether you would like to join a team or start a new team, start by contacting us at 715-723-3347!

Check back here for the league schedule and standings!